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Eldridge LewisWhen you hear the phrase, “Age is only a number” that message hits home when talking about Mr. Eldridge Lewis. At the spry age of 94 years young; you can find Mr. Lewis every morning in the SportsPlex fitness Center working out. Whether it’s on the treadmill, pull-up machine or lifting weights, you will see his tall slender frame adorned in Under Armor gear working out like someone half his age. Very often, you will see members watch him in awe at how intense his workouts are. They are even more impressed and inspired when they learn of his age. Quinton Baker, a fellow Sportsplex member stated “I’m 73 and it amazes me at the amount of time he puts into his workouts. I hope to be that active when I’m 94” When asked what is his secret to staying young? Mr. Lewis replied it’s eating right and exercising daily. The Orange County SportsPlex would like to take this moment to Thank Mr. Eldridge Lewis for being a phenomenal example to all of us…..

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